Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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This just seems like a one sided rant to me

On the face of it the OP seems perfectly reasonable, offering a plausible thesis as to why there are problems for developers getting to grips with XP1 output.

But if you dig in and think about it, it seems to be little more than a one sided polemic from someone who does'nt understand how to do something and who is not being allowed to see the instructions.

Fuji have no obligation to help the OP or, indeed, any independent developer to unlock the potential of XP raw files. They can offer the keys to whoever they want.

Just because the OP can't figure it out, doesn't mean others cannot. But that is up to Fuji.

Of course, a good case could be made to argue that Fuji should have thought of this earlier and got to work with the guys at Adobe a long time ago. Clearly they didn't. Maybe Fuji had good legal reasons that delayed them engaging with Adobe - maybe it was the lawyers and worries over IP protection.

The bottom line is that users can learn to use Silkypix, shoot jpeg, or wait and not buy an XP1. That is fair enough.

But shouting at the moon , as the OP is, for not being given access to the solution is not Fujis problem.

And , in the meantime, the evidence from users is that the XP1 image quality is truly exceptional, with FF Canon users reporting that the Fuji is at least the equal of the 5D2.

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