Using NX11 firmware on NX10 ?

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Re: Using NX11 firmware on NX10 ?

discusaigon wrote:

May be it was a commercial trick to make the NX11 look more valuable than the NX10 while they had the same sensor ?

I dont thik so.

NX10 was the first prototype.
NX100 and NX11 are newer cameras.

NX11 little bigger price is due to kit with iFn and some functions (better VF at night AF speed and thi sbar also)

I think NX11 prices will drop now because NX20 premiere so it will be not to expensive change NX10 for NX11.
I dont use MF because no reason

I got 30/2 for 25 Euro (It was in set wiht NX10+18-55)
20/2,8 I can buy for 95 Euro-
16/2,4 th eprice is 190 Euro (next in my shopping list)
50-200 OIS iFN I bought for 160 Euro.

For manual focus I had Pentax DSLR with optical VF magnified and with raster circle.
But using NX10 I like AF because is very precise (Pentax did mistakes)
AF lenses for Pentax are very very expensive.

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