A smaller senor better than APS-C on brighter lens ?

Started May 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: APS-C still the way to go ?

Did some very informal test between my t2i (kit lens) and XZ-1. I just snapped 100-200 pics using variety of settings and picked out ones i thought were better. It wasn't like there was much a difference, in fact, if I were to mix them together, I would have very difficult time of telling which camera took them.

In very low light, especially candle setting, I have to use manual focus or it will take t2i forever to AF. XZ-1 just snaps away like it was daylight - its AF is very fast in low-light. I've took some pics using my 50 mm F/1.8 prime, but really not as big difference as I would expect.

The point is that my XZ-1, though gives up a bit in low/light, is a very quick camera that will match most of my stock t2i capability. I'm guessing 90% of its IQ at least at fraction of its size.

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