Scanner for 35mm negs?

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Re: Scanner for 35mm negs?

In their day Canon, Nikon and Minolta all made high resolution 35mm scanners, but now only Nikon have film scanners, and the few that remain are astronomically expensive.

There is a market for high end Nikon scanners on eBay, but even second-hand they command high prices. This means you could buy one, scan your slides & negatives, and then sell it on with little or no loss of money, but the initial purchase price will be substantial. Minolta scanners are also advertised from time to time. Some of the earlier 35mm scanners had SCSI interfaces, which means an adapter card in your host computer, but more recent models have USB interfaces. Drivers are usually available for recent operating systems.

As for resolution, always scan at the highest resolution available for the scanner. From experience I would suggest a scan resolution of at least 2800dpi. This will result in a scan size approximately equivalent to that from a 12MP camera.

There's no need to do a "thumbnail" scan because all scanner software does a quick "preview" scan to allow you to set fine details like cropping, skew adjustment etc before the final scan.

I prefer a dedicated 35mm scanner over an adapted flatbed scanner since I feel that a flatbed scanner is a bit of a compromise for scanning such a tiny area as that from a 35mm frame.

Because my Minolta scanner software will not run under Windows7 64-bit I am now using VueScan software, which works great and is better than the original Minolta software that came with my scanner.

I have no experience of current 35mm scanners but if you are interested in some newer scanners here is a site which includes reviews of a number of scanners, both older and currently available models:

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