Photo display on these forums is TERRIBLE

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Marcus Antonius Senior Member • Posts: 1,317
let's hope the photo's you saw made it all worthy ;)

Interesting to see you found a pretty old post of mine and used it as an example, i'm not sure whether i should sue you for copyright infringement or pay you for advertising


TomFL wrote:

Borderline incompetent. Actually, not borderline, absolutely incompetent. Here is how photo's are shown on 1920 wide display: is 2012....and a few of us photo enthusiasts have progressed past a 640 x 480 monitor size and a 2400 baud modem.

As much as I need the wrist exercise and enjoy having to mouse around for every single photo I want to see at over thumbnail resolution, I think it would be PROGRESS to think about how you currently display photos on your state of the art review site.

Pictures from the DP internal galleries are a step forward which allow click to zoom, but those posted as shown above which force you to scroll the already loaded image sideways due to an inexplicable fixed width display limitation are INEXCUSABLE from a design perspective.

Rant over.

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