Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: It is an opinion informed by results/data/experience

Powerdoc wrote:

The current Bayer desomaicing algorithms have been studied for years, and Fuji just released a new mosaic pattern. That's a lot of work, for the developers, and I fully understand that it reacquires a lot of work, for a single camera out 100. So I understand it's really frustrating for them but It don't tell if this new pattern is a failure.

The first real advantage, that many people have experienced by themselves, is the lack of chroma moire. The second advantage is the lack of AA filter.

When you don't have AA filter, you don't have to do any heavy accentuation in your files. Accentuation lead to amplify the noise, so you have to apply a bit of smothering in the pics. At base iso, it's not really a big problem (apart from accentuation, who is bad for the transition between sharpness and smoothness ) but as the sensor become more noisy, the problem increase.

At 3200 isos, in JPEG, the X pro 1 retains 90 % of the details in the image. This is a great result only achieved by modern FF cameras.

So in resume I think that the X trans is really an improvement, a royal pain for developers, but I don't understand why Fuji does not give more help, or why they did not make they own RAW converter.
It's all about photography

Fuji released a fully functional RAW converter that is included with your camera. It's on the Disc. It's not my preferred RAW software and most feel the same way, but it's there and it works. I haven't a clue why so many people keep saying that there is no RAW support. If you don't like Silkypix, fine, but I see no reason to complain. Just wait for ACR. It will be here soon enough. How fast did anyone really expect it to be? A niche camera with a totally different layout than any other sensor on the market that's released right around the time you're getting ready to roll out a major software upgrade. Personally I expected it to take a few months. In the meantime I have fantastic quality jpegs.

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