Leica X2 Test Shots; 100 to 12,500 ISO

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Re: Leica X2 Test Shots; 100 to 12,500 ISO

Edmond Terakopian wrote:

The AF is fast and accurate. I had three frames (shot as a sequence) slightly out of focus, but that was 100% my fault!! Everything else was spot on. As far as corner sharpness, the models are near the edges and they look just fine to me. I

When I saw the f/stop on the pics, i thought you have switched to manual focus and made the settings.

didn't have time to do a thorough test - it was a press preview, but regardless, I don't photograph charts or walls - I'm sure that these types of review will soon hit the internet.

I was left very impressed with this camera.

glad to know that. Do you know if the elmarit lens on the camera is as good as the one sold seperarely for M-mount lenses? Does the retractable lens make a difference to quality of pics- I mean, is X2 same as buying M-9 + elmarit f/2.8 lens (leave aside the cropped sensor part)? Also, is the sensor the same on Nikon D7000 i.e the 16 MP sony sensor on some other models?


kamalpr wrote:

Edmond Terakopian wrote:

I've lightened the image using levels by around a stop as I had underexposed it a little - thinking I was shooting RAW!

how does this camera function in auto-focus mode? Are the corners sharp in that case?


zorgon wrote:

What kind of editing did you do?

It looks like you've pulled up the shadows too much or something like that?

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