Nifty Fifty...50mm f1.8 Ken Rockwell

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Re: Nifty Fifty...50mm f1.8 Ken Rockwell

Wow you are certainly passionate about canning the wide open performance of this lens and its build quality. I would understand fully if it was an expensive lens but its not and the image of the flowers I presented to prove it was sharp but unfortunately you must think that if it is not sharp at 100 % magnification it is soft. Do you look at billboards from 5 metres away.

Second, it is not an unrealistic for anyone to expect accurate AF, regardless the price.

Your point about expecting it to focus accurately is a fair comment but it does focus accurately in most situations for me. But it is a cheap design and of course it can make mistakes which are more noticable at 1.8. I have L series lenses that can also miss the focus occassionally.

You also said it is like saying people should expect their cars to be unsafe when they buy a entry model Toyota Yaris because it is cheap.

If i bought a Toyota Yaris i would expect it to be safe but i would not expect it to be as safe as a BMW purely because the BMW is dearer.

Thirdly, Nikon's cheap equivalent does not have nearly as many reports of AF inconsistency, it shows that cheap does not necessarily mean it is impossible to make it focus more consistently.

Nikons cheap equivalent is double the price so its obviously going to be a better construction but does not out perform it optically.

Finally you wanted to know what the art of focusing is.

The art of focusing involves the photographer knowing what focusing modes to use for specific subjects, how to use that system and the limitations of the camera and lens they are using. It also means having a good understanding of DOF especially with fast prime lenses which are usually the domain of the experienced photographers with great techniques.

How many people do think use this lens and use the outside sensors of their camera which on most amateur DSLRs are less accurate and can lead to inaccurate focus.

How many people use the focus lock technique and are not aware that with super shallow DOF the distance from where you locked can change slightly when recomposing and create mis focused images.

How many people put way to much trust in AF and dont use their eyes as a visual confirmation.

How many people are aware that certain surfaces and lighting conditions can confuse the cameras AF system.

I would dare to say that there are heaps of people in these categories and I think you are one of them.

I think you are very harsh in your assessment of this lens and believe you have completely missed my point which was not just aimed at you but to every body who reads this thread and is interested in purchasing one of these lenses. In fact maybe you should sell your 50mm to somebody who may appreciate it more than you do and has more luck getting sharp results at 1.8.
Good luck.

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