Spyder2Express for Win7-64

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Re: Spyder2Express for Win7-64

Gerry Pasternack wrote:

Just inherited an older version of ColorVision's "Spyder2express" which I'd like to run under Windows 7 -64.

Yes, it works. I'm using a Spyder2Express here.

You may have problems finding a driver for 64-bit Win 7 but they do exist.

You'll also need some software. There are several options:

  • DataColor's own software. You can download that from their website but I'm pretty sure you need a serial no. If you received that with the puck, you're probably set.


  • One of various third party apps that are compatible with the Spyder2. BasICColor is one such option:


  • Or some freeware software. i.e. the Argyll CMS system. It's very good but it's very complicated to install and get working. There are some folks in this forum who can probably help. Even so, it will likely be a struggle if you're not fairly technical (and might be a struggle even if you are).


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