Picked up my D800 this morning. An immediate observation.

Started Mar 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528

I am a Nikon shooter for many years - have lots of lenses - selling to switch would be a big loss (many thousands $$) - that would be "silly" ...

guess what - the shooting banks also suck, and the custom banks suck, the way bracketing is implemented sucks - (you have to dial in the number of brackets just to turn bracketing on, "un-dial" it to turn off - really stupid and slow) the menu system is bloated and inconsistent (why is there "done" AND "ok" ?)

but the sensor is brilliant, the metering is great, the AF (if you get a camera that is working) is very accurate, auto ISO improved , Nikon TTL is still very good, my Pocket Wizzards work flawlessly with my SB 700s, and most of all my 14-24 is brilliant for shooting interiors ...

"silly" is not being able to hold contrary information in mind and make a decision

On balance I decided to get a D800 - because I really need a second body - my D700 slips into that role. I am on a long waiting list, will probably get to the front of it later this summer, and that will be fine for me. I hope I get used to the feel of the grip, but I'll likely just live with it.

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