Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Have you read your user manual?

sybersitizen wrote:

I can't help but ask this after seeing your frequent posts here for a month now - do you think you'll ever actually buy a Sony camera, or just keep reading and writing about their pros and cons and linking to other topics? You do realize that any camera you can get is going to have drawbacks of some kind, right?

syber, no problem. It's a multi-facetted response, but of course I realize no camera is going to be perfect.

1) I actually already have a Sony "system" DSLR (KM before Sony buyout) and several Alpha mount lenses and 3600HS(D) external flash, all for over 6 years now, and it still works and takes pictures. Is it perfect? Not even close.

2) I ordered an A55 just a few weeks ago because of a sudden good combo deal, but I cancelled due to its lack of electric first curtain and reported shutter lag with flash issues. After more thinking on it after I cancelled, I realized there were even more reasons that made the A57 or A65 a better choice for me to justify the cost difference.

3) I'm in no rush to buy. I have the luxury of time and do not want to buy prematurely and regret it as I did with the KM 5D and almost did with the A55. If I have doubts, then it's not an issue for me to wait and continue taking pictures with my 3 other cameras. It's already been 6+ years with my current DSLR, so when I buy, I hope to stick with it a good while and want to make the best choice which I can live with without regrets.

4) I'm concerned about the reported flash exposure inconsistencies reported on the A65 and A77, even after firmware updates. It's too early to say whether similar reports will come in for the same issue on the A57. This isn't just a drawback, but unacceptable.

5) It concerns me that Sony has been unable to fix cameras that were sent in with exposure or focus issues and on one occasion told the user that the camera had water damage and wouldn't be covered by warranty (user stated it had never touched water.) I was reading some posts on the Nikon forum where users had sent in cameras which were actually fixed. I didn't see a single post of a camera returned non-repaired.

6) I'm not completely sold on Sony in spite of an existing investment with my KM 5D, several Minolta lenses, and a Minolta flash. I don't particularly care for the low end Nikon & Canon either, and the midlevel 7D & D7000 models are a little long in the tooth and don't really fit the bill either.

7) It's a 3 hour round trip driving time just to get to the nearest store that might carry an A57 and A65 (or A77), and I would really like to check out the differences in those viewfinders first hand and feel the A77 "monster" in my hands. But due to some of the reasons already mentioned, I'm not sure I'm ready to make a trip that could be a waste of time.

8) My financial investments are down significantly over the last 2 weeks or so, which makes me a little stingier with spending dough unless I'm very comfortable with the decision. Although, it's mostly psychological in nature as I have the cash funds available to cover this purchase.

................ and still taking pictures in the mean time.

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