Scared to go to mirrorless......

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Scared to go to mirrorless......

All right,

So Ive been....studying ALL mirrorless camera for a good month. I used to have a 7D and a 5Dc. Shot with them for 2 years. Got tired of carrying them around so i sold them. I bought an XZ-1....Its a great camera. But i miss faster focusing , fast lenses for shallow DOF(without using software) and longer lenses(200-300mm).

So, here I am.....Looking at Samsung, M43 and Sony(also waiting to see what canon does).

seems like they have a pretty nice system going. Alot of very useful sharp lenses. The 20mp cameras seem very nice(seems like a great sensor). Fastest focusing APS-C sensored mirrorless. Plus they have that write speed problem. Plus no EVF.

They seem to make some great cameras....But they are lacking in the lens department....REALLY LACKING. If they atleast had a good fast could work.

The camera I was super interested in was the GX1. Cheap, great sensor and a great lens line up. They camera is very small though...Small enough to be too small.

My other choice was to get another 5Dc with the 28mm, 50mm and 85mm and 70-300. scared to dive into a system and not like it. Go the Sony way....what if they dont come out with the lenses i want...Go to samsung....What if they stop....period...what if they just drop everything. Go to M43....what if im wanting the larger sensor and better DR(which i really do).

Lenses i want
24mm, 50mmish, and 80-100ish and a (50-200ish)long end zoom.(eqiv)

Samsung has these lenses and they are good. But what if the support stops....Plus....its SAMSUNG.....Where did they even come from? Can get a nx200 for $500 though.

What do you guys think? Do I have a problem? Do you think canon will come in and hit a home run?

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