EM-5 VS X-PRO-1 Based on Imaging resources Tests

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Re: Comparing lenses NOT cameras

While I don't own an XP-1, I do own the X100 and the EM-5. Each has something special to offer. The X100 produces very pleasing colors and excellent images but when it comes to sharpness and resolution the EM-5 is better. The Em-5 colors are very good but SOOC JPGs are not as good as the Fuji in my opinion. Additionally, there is a smoothness to the X100 images that is more pleasant the the EM-5's images (I am speaking of base ISO of 200 and not high ISO where the Fuji marginally beats the EM-5).

What I was trying to get at, and maybe it's just my thing was my surprise at the lack of pixel sharpness in the XP-1 given that it has no AA filter. I was really expecting to see what I see when I look at the Foveon samples in the comparator. It is those samples, Sean Reid's review and samples and other's on the Sigma form that have me wish to see someone make a better camera that used the Foveon or a sensor like it in their camera. Thus, I was taken back when I saw that the EM-5 produced images that were nearly as pixel sharp as the SD-1 and even more surprised when the XP-1 didn't. I thought maybe someone would offer a reasonable explanation but none has been forthcoming.
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