Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

billorg wrote:

Happened to me today and SO FRUSTRATING. Can you tell me why Sony cameras all let you take pictures happily when there is no card inserted?? It is very easy to miss the "no card" words especially when not using the LCD. My Canons all are cool in this way - no card, no shutter release (you can set this). Am I missing a setting somewhere? Seems all my Sonys have done this...


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These cameras are under very strict statistical process control when they are built and tested... the software is the software...chances are slim that one camera would function differently than another... but it's still possible... but because these cameras are so technologically advances I would be almost willing to bet that the issue is operator error. Now I know that no one having a problem will agree with this but then I bet they would also say they are an excellent driver ... and we all know that most drivers other than ourselves are idiots... I do alot of competitive shooting, and all the newbies come to the range thinking they are a good shot.. ( a freak of nature in their own mind ) I had one guy complain about his gun being the problem... and I asked him if I could try it and put five shots in a dime sized group at 50 yards.,... and this guy could barely hit the paper... but to ask him.. prior to this and he would tell you he was a good shot... digging a bit further, his only contact with shooting was on the boardwalk with a 22, shooting five inch silhouettes from 10 feet away...

You would think that those who fall prey to this would recognize what to look for the next time they go to shoot and verify that the card is present or in this case look to see if the No card warning is in the VF.... I guess if they continue having this problem , they can be the reason people say, I guess I need a Brick to fall on my head more than once... I know for me if this happened I would make sure it never happened again and recognize the warning... Some people just don't pay attention to things that are smacking them right in the face... I guess these same people don't check to see that their WB and ISO setting are correct before shooting...Never check a histogram.. Talk about Idiot proofing a camera.. the EVF and its overlays and live view make it almost impossible to take a bad shot.. unless of course you are a higher class of Idiot... or maybe you close your eyes when you shoot .. just like some of the newbies at my gun club.

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