A month in New York with X-Pro 1

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Re: A month in New York with X-Pro 1

Thanks Ray - yes, I see what you mean.

I can cleary see the effects of your post-processing. And although not a big fan of "cranked" primary colors, I can see that this shot was helped quite a bit by your finishing.

I am also aware that Velvia has always and continues to = "vibrant", but I guess I was recently quite disapoointed by some of my own X Pro 1 results (I'd post but already deleted). A couple door frames and pots of geraniums loked like they were painted with red neon Rustoleum!

But I think that I may have had the color(saturation) setting slightly raised (probably not smart), and may have also had the WB tuned toward a more red-enhanced default. All of this combined for some pretty scary results.

I'd probably do best to start tweeking from Standard (Provia), and go back and re-shoot those scenes. Perhaps also a good idea to try out film simulation bracketing, in a variety of light levels and conditions.

Basically, it all comes down to learning to work with this amazing new camera (i.e., having as much fun in the learning process as in achieving desired results).

FYI - kudos on your "New Yorkers" work - got a chance to look through this afternoon, several "stunners".

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