Do I have this right?

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Re: Do I have this right?

You shall not downsize Bayer images - at least not if you plan to print them. No need for that - and downsizing always risk losing information or even adding noise, e.g. aliasing.

What have been said here is that a Foveon image, with a lens that outresolves the sensor, potentially is roughly equal to a Bayer sensor camera with twice as many pixels.

For cameras with few pixels - its quite easy to have an advice. If you need an 8 MP Bayer camera then you can use a 4 MP Foveon camera instead. Because all good lenses outresolves both sensors.

But for many pixels its not that easy. Maybe a 15 MP Foveon (SD1M or DP1M) equals a 30 MP Bayer. Thats probably the case.

Unfortunately lenses now come into the equation.

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