Crazy Deal On SHG Lens

Started May 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I've seen them close to that price

citizenlouie wrote:

The lens has a bad reputation for not locking in focus fast enough (especially in low light). I've rented one, and I agree with that point,

I believe the factory made good and not-so-good copies. Mine was great, including very low light, right out of the box and since I got mine later I suspect the first copies weren't as good as later ones. I also think it has the reputation you note, because the folks who didn't have a problem (like me) didn't voice their experience very much on forums like this one. I shoot a lot in indoor available light and it is my most used lens, for the speed and for the incredible IQ. I have never had a slow focus lock problem (down to EV=4.5).


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