Horror story or happy ending for PSP

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Re: Horror story or happy ending for PSP

dwalby wrote:

A bit of friendly advice, if you had imaged your C: drive with a backup program, you could have restored everything with a few mouse clicks and been back in no time. Take a look at some of the free software for this purpose, like Macrium Reflect, or Paragon, you'll be glad you did if this ever happens again.

Hey, while I'm here, I replied to an old thread you had participated in regarding PSP, and had a question about how your system runs speedwise in PSP vs. PS. Do you have to wait a few seconds while the 'proofing' bar progresses whenever you change sharpening parameters in unsharp mask? I do, but with PS the same operation is instantaneous. I'm running on a low-end platform so I wasn't sure if a faster platform would work any better or not. I don't like Adobe, so I'm trying to wean myself away from them, and so far PSP is good, but not great.

Errol Gibbs wrote:

I've just gone thru a nightmare (actually not too bad). My hard drive went out or so I thought, actually windows XP blew up and needed reinstalling.

And to my horror my scripts for smart sharpening dey gone, poof.

I'm told a newer rig with lots of memory will make a huge difference. But with the reinstalled XP things move faster.

PSP under Corel is no speed demon but X4 is doing better than X3 or 2.

If you upgrade, well my dream machine is a current rig 64bit windows 7 and 16 to 32 gigs of ram whatever it'll take.

Did you pick up the smart sharpening scripts? They really make a diff.

Vaya Con Dios

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