The Power of SD1m - Early Impressions

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The Power of SD1m - Early Impressions

Sorry for the big pix size. My account's upload limit is up for this month and I resort to my Skydrive for now.

Back to the topic. I’m really impressed with SD1m, as I begin to get the hang of it and have explored left and right a bit more in SPP to experiment the various settings.

- Resolution: The amount of details it’s capable of is almost unreal. For that Sigma is nearly pardonable for having attempted at FF and MF market with it and so priced it. It retains every bit of the “Foveon look” - whatever that means - as SD14 (I’ve used one for over 4 years), and every bit as sharp, given a really good lens. Sadly, few lenses are that good in the Sigma optics, hardly any in the wide range.

- Colour rendition: Very much Foveon type when set to “standard” mode, and becomes vibrant at “landscape” mode, though bordering on over-saturation. I find the “neutral” mode that many have advised as the “default” too flat and bland for my taste. But that may well be reserved for higher ISO

- DR: I’m less sure here, half a stop less than SD14? The good news is that it can take quite a bit more pounding from shadow lifting before colour blotch noise becomes offending. Actually, I haven’t noticed any yet, though SD1m tends to over expose.

Two pictures to make my point.

1. Lens 17-50mm OS @40mm and F6.5, on tripod. An OK lens but far from a good mate for SD1m.

2. Lens old version 17-70mm @40mm and F7.1, handheld. It was my walk-around lens on SD14, and will be on SD1m, deservedly.

Is it a perfect camera? By no means. It is very very slow. And it's unnecessarily big. But it's strength dwarfs the weakness, for my type of photographic hobby.

Nonetheless a short wish list to wrap up

  • 5x faster processor

  • smaller form factor like the Nikon D3200.

  • 20mm and 30mm primes of f2.0

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