LX5 Firmware bug or camera fault?

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Re: White Balance

Hi Yellodog

I take a lot of landscapes and macro flower shots, where I need to record colour as accurately as possible. There is great scope for adjusting WB in PP (I use LR3 and CS5) but unless there is a neutral grey in the image this is essentially 'eye-balling' a WB that looks correct on your monitor in your lighting. I find it difficult to remember how a particular shade or hue of flower looked in the field.

I therefore use two methods. If the lighting conditions are fairly constant I take a manual WB reading from a digital white card. I find this generally more acurate than AWB but I have not tested it on the LX5 to any great extent.

My preferred method, especially in changing light conditions, is to hold the digital grey kard (white, black and 18% grey cards) in front of the lens and take a record photograph. It is then easy in LR to click the WB tool on the grey card and set WB. In Photoshop it is also easy to set white and black points. These settings are easily copied to all the shots I have taken under the same lighting saving PP time.

Doesn't mean I don't occasionally tweak the results but it is a system I have used for many years and am comfortable with.

If anyone is interested regarding my original post, I did a system reset but no joy. Taking a manual WB reading removes the histogram until the camera is 'rebooted'.

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