How to keep in focus both near and far objects?

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Re: How to keep in focus both near and far objects?

Mayur Lankeshwar wrote:

But one thing I am not able to achieve and that is the effect in which camera will be able to focus on near as well as on far subjects at the same time. How this can be achieved? For e.g I want a picture like flower in my hand and entire flower field spread on acres behind my hand will be sharp focus.

What you are wanting is a deeper depth of field. While the camera can only choose one focus point as the sharpest, there is distance in from of and behind that point that can be within a zone of acceptable sharpness. That is the depth of field. You can modify the depth of field not only with aperture, but with focal length and distance as well.

In your example, if you wanted a flower in your hand and a field behind it in focus, you cannot rely on a narrow aperture alone. You would need to move your hand away from the camera, because the closer the camera is to your hand, the more out of focus the background will become. You may need to change the focal length; a shorter focal length with give you more depth of field than a longer one.

You can use this tool to calculate the depth of field by inputting the camera, focal length, aperture, and distance:

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