Removeing the back of a Epson R2000 printer

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Re: Removeing the back of a Epson R2000 printer

Do you mean the top of the printer where the paper is loaded? If so, the process is pretty simple (from the epson manual).

"How to Open the Front Panel to Load Paper in the Epson Stylus Photo R2000
1. Remove any paper from the feeder and close the paper support.
2. Open output tray and remove all extensions.

3. Slide the roll paper edge guide on the back of the printer all the way to the right.

4. Attach the single sheet guide by aligning the notches on its base with the slots on the back of the printer. Then hook the tabs over the top of the slot (marked with orange triangles).
5. Turn on the printer so it can load the paper correctly.

6. Insert one sheet of paper, printable side up and against the right side, then slide the edge guide against the sheet, but not too tightly.

7. Guide the paper into the printer until it meets resistance and hold it there until the printer pulls it in slightly. Once the printer begins feeding the paper, let go of it.

8. Open the printer cover and make sure the paper has fed all the way into the printer and is straight. The paper must feed straight so the printer can properly identify the edge.
9. Close the printer and make sure it is not opened during printing."

Best of luck!


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