Pls suggest a macro lens for somebody new to macro photography

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Pls suggest a macro lens for somebody new to macro photography

have a nex 3 and am very much interested in macro photography. Unfortunately nex offers very little options.So far using a raynox 250 with the 18-55 mm kit lens.But now feel i need something more than that. So pls suggest me a macro lens with 1:1 life size magnification. would be shooting mostly flowers and other "Inanimate objects" but occasionally some insects as well.

Now i am really new to macro photography .two things i am really worried about is lighting and lack of image stabilization. Firstly lenses like the 30mm e mount macro lens have such a short minimum focusing distance that it will be difficult to get even natural light fall on the subjects.I don't mind using flash but the only flash available is the small flash unit that comes with the nex-3 camera and am worried that using flash will result in lens shadows on the subjects.

My second concern is lack of image stabilization .Now ideally i would like a 90mm macro lens like the tamron macro lens but i am worried that you need a tripod to use those and i really don't wanna use a tripod for macro shots. So suggest me a nice compromise lens that will give me very good if not amazing results that easy enough to use for a beginner without the need for a tripod.

would prefer autofocus(although not a deal breaker).However i would need automatic exposure control at any cost.That leaves me with either getting the e mount macro lens or getting any of the a mount macro lenses with LA EA-1 adapter.

Have shortlisted these 4 lenses:-

1)sony e mount 30 mm macro lens:- has autofocus,DMF,etc,etc but this lens is not available in my country and have to import it at a cost of $ 430.Also to achieve 1:1 mag it has to be very close to the subject making lighting really tricky.

2) Sony a mount DT 30mm F2.8 Macro(SAL30M28 ):- It costs $239 and gives auto focus(albeit a very slow one) when coupled with LA EA1 9which costs an additional $184.offers a bit more focusing distance compared to the e mount 30mm.

3)Sony a mount 50mm F2.8 Macro(SAL50M28 ) :- Costs $550 and has generally great reviews.I feel it has a Minimum focus distance that will allow sufficient light to the subject and might now warrant a tripod for image stabilization

4)Tamron A mount 90mm F/2.8 macro lens:- Costs $ 438 .has got great review but might need a tripod to get good results.

So which will serve my needs better ?

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