Manually select AF Point in Canon system

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Re: Manually select AF Point in Canon system

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Tom Christiansen wrote:

If you’re used to Nikon, you will be unpleasantly surprised that Canon doesn't link the focus point to the spot meter except in the very most expensive of bodies. Nikon has always done this with all its bodies, even the very cheapest of them, but Canon artifically cripples all bodies costing less than a kidney in this regard.

Is this true for the 5D3 too?

Yes, the only camera series that can link spot meter to AF point is 1D (shame on canon)

It really is shameful how Canon artificially dumbs down all (but one) of their bodies to produce false separation in their product lines. It’s one of the things I find disgraceful about Canon, and not just compared with Nikon, but from a baseline perspective of what is reasonable versus what is sheer greed and cussedness.

They should be ridiculed for this ridiculous nonsense. It’s insulting. You don’t have to put up with this from other manufacturers, and there’s no reason you should tolerate it from Canon, either. They’re overprotective for no justifiable reason.

If it weren’t for pressure from Nikon, Canon would still be withholding its professional autofocus from models outside the 1 series. Users of the 7D and the 5DIII have Nikon’s D300 to thank for that, whether they acknowledge it or not.

A moveable spot-meter is not rocket science, but it is certainly extremely useful. Why Nikon can do it at any price-point but Canon cannot, I do not understand. It has to be out of pure greed. Screw that.

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