Scanner for 35mm negs?

Started May 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Scanner for 35mm negs?

Quality scans don't come cheap....whether someone does it for you or if you do it. I'd bet, from results that I've seen, that Nikon 5000 or 9000 would qualify as excellent results. Sometimes extra software help and make a difference. If you squeeze the most, the files can be rather large (over 50MB's) and that too can cause extra issues. There are more expensive scanners like Imacon (over 10K).

I'm awaiting for the Plustek (35/120) to arrive on our shores...and hopefully it rivals the Nikon scanners. It will take some testing. The Nikon models are no longer covered by warranty and getting parts for them might be an issue....something that you may wish to look at. Good luck.


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