which video magazines are your favorites for tips?

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Re: Most magazines are a waste of time and money

cdembrey wrote:

Reading books like Katz's "Film Directing Shot by Shot" and Lowell's "Matters of Light and Depth" will do you more good than reading magazines.

Yes, there are serious books. But I suspect that many practicioners (some of them probably dyslexic) learn the same way they learned to tie shoes, ride bicycles, or play baseball. Some issues discussed in books (like pharmaceutical side effects) won't be understood until encountered in the field.

The only way to learn FCP, CS5, Vegas Pro, Avid, or any of the others is by hard knocks. The cost to buy the software is the smallest expense. Maybe some magazines offer "tips and tricks," but most of the learning is DIY.

There are also film $chools or institutes. None guarantee job placement or business leads. They may be good venues to meet wealthy heiresses or widows in need of a camera guy or editor to perform the sweaty part of their hobby / fantasy and take blame for shortcomings in the results. When the affair is over, maybe you'll be able to keep some of the equipment, or maybe you'll have to surrender it to the next posseur.

"Masters Classes" where some over-the-hill luminary chats with a crowd of affluent MOMA subscribers, can also be good for social networking.

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