Horror story or happy ending for PSP

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Re: Horror story or happy ending for PSP

A bit of friendly advice, if you had imaged your C: drive with a backup program, you could have restored everything with a few mouse clicks and been back in no time. Take a look at some of the free software for this purpose, like Macrium Reflect, or Paragon, you'll be glad you did if this ever happens again.

Hey, while I'm here, I replied to an old thread you had participated in regarding PSP, and had a question about how your system runs speedwise in PSP vs. PS. Do you have to wait a few seconds while the 'proofing' bar progresses whenever you change sharpening parameters in unsharp mask? I do, but with PS the same operation is instantaneous. I'm running on a low-end platform so I wasn't sure if a faster platform would work any better or not. I don't like Adobe, so I'm trying to wean myself away from them, and so far PSP is good, but not great.

Errol Gibbs wrote:

I've just gone thru a nightmare (actually not too bad). My hard drive went out or so I thought, actually windows XP blew up and needed reinstalling.

And to my horror my scripts for smart sharpening dey gone, poof.

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