5D3 vs D800: Microlenses

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Re: 5D3 vs D800: Microlenses

Peter 13 wrote:

This thread went nowhere. A lot of talk but all we need is a simple experiment.

Would somebody owning the 5D3 do the following simple experiment? Put the camera on a tripod, use a 24, 35 or a 50 mm f/1.4 or f/1.2 lens, take a shot, unscrew the lens a bit, and take another one, both in RAW. Then compare the exposure with all lens corrections off.

I did that experiment with my 5D2, I focused to infinity, took a shot of a white wall with a timer to avoid the effect on my shadow but it does not need to be so complicated.

I will start a similar thread to the Nikon forums (please come to rescue if they go after me ;)). I am curious to see the effect of the smaller D800 pixels on this effect.

I'll do it when I get my D800. I'd guess that D800 will not be as good as the 5DII, although its 56% QE suggests that it has at least some special sauce in the microlenses.

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