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Re: nikon 55-300

A pretty typical group of responses. Lots of speculation from those who don't own and use a 55-300mm, lots of comments about the 70-300, speculation about some Tamron lenses. And a few from those who do shoot with the 55-300 but post up pretty pics that could have been taken with almost any lens.

Here's my input: I shoot with a 55-200mm and am pretty happy with it. I took a 55-300 out into the parking lot of a camera store and shot side x side with my 55-200 at the same subjects at basically the same time.

The 55-300 was a bit sharper edge to edge. IOW, if I had to choose which of those two lenses to buy (I'm really not a telephoto person) and was concerned with just sharpness it'd be the 55-300. If I was concerned with cost the 55-200 is good enough. There are those who complain about the autofocus speed of the 55-200 and it doesn't bother me so anyone saying the autofocus on the 55-300 is "glacial", well, I didn't experience that.

BTW, at that same store last weekend the 55-200 (refurb) was going for $99 (!!) and the 55-300 (refurb) was going for $229 (!!).

I also took out a NIkon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII at the same time I shot with the other two telephotos...but that's another thread.

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