Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

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Re: Nope?

MysteryRider wrote:

I take the d700 above the d800. The d3s above the d4.

They appear to be great cameras; a new era in digital photography.

D800 and d4 are great cameras but too many bugs and I have no use for video or high mp. I'm happy and content without them.

It looks that we a stuck with video even when we don't use it.

These kind of threads make me laugh. Because it is all about EGO. There are lots of d800 people that need some cheese and crackers with their WHINE.

Yeah we can laugh but for a guy that makes its living from photography it has nothing to do with ego. I let go my Mamiya + system because it could only be used in studio (at least I could not manage that clumsy thing outside), besides the problems with dr and noise at medium/high iso. It is quite amazing what you can do with large raw files.

The problems that may come with the new cameras are a shame to Nikon, they laugh at their customers; but those problems should go away some day.

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