Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

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Re: Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

Yes! A working D4/D800 is a killer combination. With a D4 as your primary body for fast-paced events, the D800 is still fast enough for use as the second body. Most pros shoot with dual D3s bodies, but I think the new paradigm will be D4/D800 set-ups. At least, that's what I'm planning.

I'm buying the first non-defective D800e I can find for my portfolio work. I currently own only one FX body, a D3s, but then as soon as I can grab a defect-free D4, my D3s will be up for sale. I'll then have two FX bodies to shoot events, and two very capable, and different bodies, to shoot virtually any other kind of assignment.

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