What is an 'optimal' resolution?

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Re: What is an 'optimal' resolution?

the word "optimal" is very uncertain.. it depend on for whom the camera for ? for the 12megapixel with 4/3 format is enough, but with the advancement of the technology no body know beyond the future.. for example in the pass 8 megapixel is consider pro DSLR, and right now Nokia have 46megapixel for their camera phone...

the reason for me tp state 12 megapixel is enough, it is because i seldom cropping my pic extremely.. and with the 12 megapixel of olympus have i really get sharp image. the bigger number of mega pixel is also a problem for as it need bigger space for both the CF/SD card and hardisk space, not to mention that it need sophisticate computer to post processing our image if necessary, bottom line is it is gonna cost you a fortune..

i never agree if someone say that with the higher megapixel, we can crop our image more aggressively..

with the latest olympus OMD camera equipped with 16 megapixel is ok for me, as long as it is not sacrifice the other aspect like : noise, Dynamic range, color accuracy


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