CZ 24mm F1.8 focuses beyond infinity?

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Re: CZ 24mm F1.8 focuses beyond infinity?

Canon EOS lenses also do this.

I read that it is because the temperature of the lens (-20 frozen arctic vs +40 in the desert) will mean that infinity will be at slightly different places due to expansion / contraction of lens parts...

flynz4 wrote:

Last night I was out taking some long exposure pictures of the Southern Cross constellation from Mauna Kea and other places in Hawaii using my Zeiss 24 mm lens and manual focus. My camera is a NEX-7. I "evidently" foolishly just twisted the focus ring CCW enough to know that I was at infinity.

When I downloaded my photos, I noticed they were out of focus. Testing this morning (with enough light to see what I was doing)... I noticed that the lens focuses beyond infinity. Does anyone know if that is normal for this lens?

Thanks in advance.


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