Love the X100 even though it's Sticky.

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Re: UPDATE #5 - Happy AND Disappointed...

DRabbit wrote:

However... the camera was returned to me with a malfunctioning EVF. The OVF seems fine, and the LCD appears to be working as it should, but the EVF is not.

Sad to hear that Amy but these are almost the same problems I had with Fuji support.

I got mine sent a year ago for a cleaning (the sensor was dirty from the beginning).

Go it back quickly (after a week) cleaned nicely but with broken EVF (purple stripes all over and a hair inside).

Let's say I was hugely disappointed, but the second repair was lightning fast with apologies.

From that point on - no issues whatsoever (keeping fingers crossed, no SAB and post-warranty already).

Hoping this time you'll get no more problems and start happily shooting like you should


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