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Perspective changes only when you change your position.

that's the point we've already agreed on, yes. and when you move the items in your field of view will change as well. if you move closer, you'll leave items behind you which won't make it onto the picture or disappear out of your field of view. different focal lengths will enable you to get different pictures (perspectives) of the same scene. cropping will not allow you do have that.

the question was why different focal lengths and the answer is to play with perspectives in pictures. the same scene will look different with a 20mm and 200mm we all agree on that, don't we?

If you want to photograph eg 2 buildings (one closer to you than the other) and you want the size of the nearest building the same on both photos (50 and 200 mm lens), you will have to go closer with the 50 mm lens and then the perspective changes.

correct, the size of the nearest buidling. what about the second building which was also part of your composition? all these things are in relation to each other. distance between you and the first building, your (lens') field of view and the distances between the two buildings. It's actually very possible that you migth not be able to get the second building in the picture as you had to change your perspective. your first building will look almost the same on both pictures, but your second most certainly will not. how do you get back to your intended composition in this case? without changing focal length?

so - unless you want to crop pictures of flat cereal boxes - I still believe focal lengths enable you to play with perspectives in a scene. call it something else if your a physics professor fine. to us photographers it's always been perspective.

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