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Progress is incremental

Do you actually know that BSI would give you a worthwhile improvement on a larger 1/1.7" sensor? The point of BSI is that the interconnects around the sensor pixels no-longer get in the way, and proportional these take up more space on a small 1/2.3 sensor than a larger 1/1.7 sensor.

While this may give a marginal improvement on a 1/1.7" sensor have you considered that the improvement isn't enough to justify the extra cost, hence no-one is yet offering one? I'm pretty sure there isn't some big conspiracy to keep a 1/1.7 BSI CMOS sensor out of your hands

I have heard of the diminishing returns as this technology is scaled up, so I am not sure if the gain will be there, not until a camera is produced. I never even imagined that there was a conspiracy, only market forces at work.

This is the thing, almost all camera progress is incremental so as technology improves you will get better quality in small (2/3" and below) sensors and better lenses, but your original post sounded like you thought all that (larger, higher quality sensor with a smaller 10x pocket zoom lens) was possible right now but was being suppressed to push people on to interchangeable lens cameras, not because such a camera isn't yet practical/economical to produce.

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