Horror story or happy ending for PSP

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Horror story or happy ending for PSP

I've just gone thru a nightmare (actually not too bad). My hard drive went out or so I thought, actually windows XP blew up and needed reinstalling.

I decided to reformat my hard drive. I spent two days backing up my files to an external drive (yea, you know how that went).

Now I have windows up and running and I'm putting my PC back together again. Well I'm getting Paint Shop Pro put together that is.

And to my horror my scripts for smart sharpening dey gone, poof.

I tried to reassemble them, dey gone, poof. I mean once you've sharpened with smart sharpen, well, how can you go back to dumm sharpening. Dey gone, poof.

So sad, too bad. But wait did'nt I put them on the net so you guys could down load them??????????? Hum?

Go to my threads and yea I put them on the net for all the world to down load but hey there was a download password problem. When I tried, it no work. But i desperate, I mean I gotta have em back in my arsenal

Ok so the first it no take the password I tried the second one and it take the password, yea. When I tried the third one it no longer required the password so I went back and down loaded the 1st one.

I'm smart sharpening again.

If you have Paint Shop Pro and you want smart sharpening that might even be better than the one in Photo Shop.

1st read this: http://www.freewebs.com/dspod/MaskShorts/SmartSharpenPSP.html This is where I learned about Smart Sharpen.

The scripts are here, I put mine in the trusted scripts folder

Errol Gibbs wrote:

Try these links if it asks for a password use Password




Anything to change let me know!

I put mine in my trusted folder.

SmartSharpen1 is the first half after it runs you use the brush to white out anything you do NOT want sharpened. Then run the SmartSharpen2 to finish lastly running unSharpMask.

And SmartSharpen runs through the program not allowing you to Paint things out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Vaya Con Dios

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