Nikon D800 in the wild - Tanzania

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Re: Nikon D800 in the wild - Tanzania

Roie G wrote:

I'm sorry it bothers you.

I know it's customary in many forums to note if images were taken as part of workshop or class. if people aren't interested in the details, of course they don't have to read through.

The fact that they do not have to read through is not the point.

I do not want to judge whether you should have posted those excellent photos with workshop info or not. In some way I'm grateful you did, as I got to see some nice pictures. However...

Imagine a scenario when someone wants to promote his safari tours to a wide audience. He finds a free way to do so, if he only uploads a bunch of pictures in a photo forum. That is called spam, and it is absolutely not allowed in this forum.

Now, there is a second scenario, when someone has a number of great photos he wants to share with the world, so he uploads them to a free photo forum. That's fine. And he realises that he could give some additional information about how and where the photos were taken, and that obviously includes info about the safari tour he organises. That is not so clear cut.

I do not judge in which case we are here.

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