tripods tripods tripods!

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Re: tripods tripods tripods!

I just got the Nivelo to check it out, I would avoid it.

It's very light and compact, but that's the only plus. The biggest liability is the head, which can't support too much weight. I tried it with my 5D2 and 24-70 lens, and it's completely unusable unless you are shooting on 2-second timer or with a remote. With a m43 I'm sure it won't be as bad, but it will have its limits. Another really, really bad part of the design is the degrees of movement on the head - you can basically tilt up/down and of course rotate in circles, but you cannot tilt left/right! It's going to be a real pain to correct for the horizon if you use it on uneven ground or for creative reasons want to get a framing that's not perfectly level.

It also uses twist-lock legs, which I find slow and cumbersome compared to flip locks, but that can be personal preference.

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