WB flash test w/Expo Disc, gray and white cards

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Doug Walker Veteran Member • Posts: 3,119
WB flash test w/Expo Disc, gray and white cards

I had nothing better to do today so I thought I'd make a comparison of Flash white balance with 2 550s mounted on light stands with a ST-E2 on camera using the built-in WB functions, a Kodak gray card, a Kodak white card (back of the gray card) and an Expo Disc. These were shot in RAW mode with a D30 and 50mm F1.4 (F8@1/125 in manual mode), converted to non-linear using BreezeBrowser and then resized for display here. No modifications were made to the files - no levels, curves, etc. Only a slight amount of USM to compensate for resizing.
Anyone want to guess which one is most correct?

  1. 1 - in camera "AWB" setting

  1. 2 - in camera "Daylight" setting

  1. 3 - in camera "Flash" setting

  1. 4 - Gray card

  1. 5 - white card

  1. 6 - Expo Disc pointing at the subject from camera position

  1. 7 - Expo Disc pointing at flash from subject position

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