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Re: That's right . . .

Mike Worley wrote:

. . . it's still a re-sale by the original consumer, who cannot transfer the warranty because he is (1) the original consumer, and (2) not an authorized Nikon dealer.

The only ruse you might use is to pretend to be the original purchaser, but you would have to use the original purchaser's name and address. That might work if you were close neighbors and friends, and able to use an email address in which you pretend to be him.


Not all receipts have the buyer's name on it, i.e. none of the receipts for the the gear I bought locally do. Even the receipts from Amazon nowadays don't have my name on it. I just sold one of my lenses with such a receipt. The buyer, if he ever needs warranty service, will not need to use any "ruse". Nikon service requires only the receipt and does not even ask if you're the original owner.

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