Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

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Re: Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

I think most of the people who might reply to this type of thread are those who are waiting for their D4/D800! Like me, the order's been in for a month, even though I did the right thing and went through my friends at my local camera store :(.

My camera store says Friday or Monday for my D4, so we shall see!

Should you envy someone with a D4 instead of a cheaper camera? In most cases, a typical observer won't be able to tell the difference in image quality. Thom Hogan, professional photographer running the popular site, has been getting into the small, light and trendy mirrorless cameras. A lot lighter and a lot of fun, he says. His neck thanks him. And he still gets awesome pictures.

So maybe you should pity the poor guy who buys and uses the Nikon D4 with its heavy weight, heavier lenses, etc. The guy with the Nikon 1 might just outrun and outmaneuver him. What's important is not the status symbol camera but the images coming out of it.

So if I think that way, why on earth am I spending $6,000 on a D4? Because I happen to need what it offers. I like taking pictures of events that happen in the night, with almost no light at all. And I don't like using flash because I want to capture the atmosphere of the event, as it is. The D4/D3S is the world's most light sensitive camera. A lot of times I really do want to shoot at ISO 25600 or even more if I could get away with it.

You can certainly envy me for being able to get a D4 if you want, but in the end what's most important is your style of photography. If you're shooting during the daytime better lenses are likely to serve you better than an improved camera body. I'd guess that 1% or less of photographers really need a camera that can shoot in almost no light whatsoever. Most of you like taking pictures during the day, of people and animals who are clearly visible.

Because my camera was so seriously delayed, my camera store let me borrow a 3DS for my event shooting one weekend. My photos blew me away compared to the D300. Scenes that were impossible to photograph at ISO 1600 were clear as day at ISO 12800. Even at 25600 they were a bit noisy but still viable. I was delighted and that made my wait seem worthwhile. So I know I'll love the D4.

Here's Sara, her love of life was a delight to photograph with the D3S :). Someone mentioned the photo wasn't perfectly sharp; I will simply note the D4 autofocus is much improved over the D3S, and it's not easy to focus at these high ISOs.

What's most important by far is to have fun and enjoy shooting pictures, no matter what equipment you have. I've had the (much cheaper) D300 since 2008 and I have over 60,000 shots on it. So I've gotten my money's worth out of the camera; hopefully you will, too, whatever you shoot with.


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