First Exclusive Glimpse of Leica's Upcoming M10

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Re: First Exclusive Glimpse of Leica's Upcoming M10

Photozopia wrote:

Note that if you follow the engadget links, the only real difference between this $2.8m camera and one that sold for $1.9m last year, is the attached lens cap.

This must make it the most expensive lens cap in history - nearly $1m pounds alone!

Ya..but it must really be one hellava hand-tooled lens cap. Kinda like Leica's X2 Epson made EVF. When it's used on a mere mortal Olympus 4/3'rd's camera, it's just a very good optional piece of equipment. But when the exact same EVF is officially rebranded , to then be exclusively utilized only on a Leica, then it somehow magically escalates in it's cost and in Leica's "incomparable experience of owning, and using one" value - by more than two times it's originally reasonable retail pricing, and nearly three time what Leica themselves pay Epson whosale for them.

And who knows.....In another 90 years or so, this same Epson produced EVF (but only the one with the Leica logo on it and not the ordinary Olmpus version) will also probably fetch well over "1m pounds" ... so for anyone thinking about buying the far cheaper Olympus version for your new X2 - just remember what a simple, ridiculously marked-up lens cap sold for nearly a century later and you'll all be sure to give Leica Solms the extra few hundred dollars for the long term investment of anything Leica branded - regardless if it is actually made by Leica or not....

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