Kit Lens and 100% crop, should I care?

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Re: Kit Lens and 100% crop, should I care?

yairmarx wrote:

I have learned so much about photography on this forum, its such a valuable pot of info. Everyone is so patient and willing to help noobs out. I am planning on buying the nex 5n (or the new F5 version this summer). My question is this:

I have been a long time point and shoot user who was always frustrated by the bad indoor, low light pics that come with one. Which is why I am getting the NEX. There will be outdoor bright light pics as well, but mostly my pics will be from night, indoors, parties, bars, etc and for once I want high quality low noise higher iso shots.

I have no intention of blowing up my pics, doing 100% crops, pixel peeping, etc, they will be viewed on screens and re-sized to smaller 5x7 and such for viewing on computer screens. So should I even care about all the reading I have been doing about how sharp the kit lens may or may not be, the fringing, the CA, etc??

Go ahead and view at 100% -- it'll probably look pretty good. The flaws are minor and you'll find flaws with most lenses. So, even if you saw problems, I'd say compare against another lens before being too harsh. But I suspect you'll look at it and wonder what all the fuss is about.

I found my kit lens "good enough" that it's simply easier to use most of the time. Sure, I can get a marginally better photo with a prime lens, but it's subtle enough that I don't think it would matter most of the time. On occasion, I'll use a 50/1.7, and it does a fantastic job, particularly if the light is low -- then it's a huge advantage over the kit lens. But most of the time?

Thanks for everything!!

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