OM-D vs APS-C question (not the usual flame bait thread)

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Re: OM-D vs APS-C question (not the usual flame bait thread)

Hi Russ,

Nice to meet you. I am an Oly defector and recently just got the E-M5. The E-1 I felt had latitude that the E-3 lacked. That was one of many reasons I sold everything.

Two days ago with the E-M5 I was at a restaurant and light was very directional via overhead lamps. In the light I could shoot ISO 400 and 1/250 or so and in the shadows I was pushing ISO 1600 and 1/60 sec or so (if my memory serves me correctly). When exposing for the shadows the foreground was blown out but I was able to restore some detail in the paper (white). It wasn't perfect but the situation was rather extreme. It's something the E-3 would never have been able to handle and in some ways I think this handled much better than the E-1 but I can no longer compare.

Long story short, yes there is much more latitude. I think you can be pleasantly surprised. No idea how it compares to Pentax...


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