Feasable way to work around the DOF control issue

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Re: Then all facebook pics will have a shallow DoF...

This from the person who was denigrating others choices in post processing styles....

Marla2008 wrote:

don_van_vliet wrote:

The effect will become accessible to the non-serious photographer masses, it will become an even greater cliché than it already is, and you will probably even stop using it yourself. Hurrah.

Tongue in cheek, but only just.

Does it ever occur to people than some are entitled to their personal tastes, including if they call for crazy thin DOF. Call that cliché, hate it and ridicule the people using it all you like, I'll still use the shallowest possible DOF on my portraits 30 years from now.

The only cool thing is, by then 35mm equivalent mirrorless will be run of the mill


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