Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Yes I blame Sony

billorg wrote:

That's a ridiculous statement. Canon just added a locked mode dial to the 5DMIII because apparently people are careless and the dial was always getting hit and the mode was changing. In all my years I have NEVER bumped the dial by mistake - since 1974 when I got my first SLR! So I asked a few people and they all said they were so glad Canon did this so they didn't have the dial move by mistake! So apparently people are not all perfect and some camera mfg's are apparently trying to help when they get these kinds of requests - even if it pis* es people like me off because it is now harder to use and does me no good...Sony could certainly update firmware to fix this. Yes sometimes people are id*ots and they need protection from themselves!

Or perhaps they could make the movement of the dial a little stiffer to prevent accidental changing, and not have a button... The way a dial probably should be.

I know people who hate the button, so to each their own.

I guess it's just not worth ranting over. Then again, I shoot with the A55, though I may be moving to a D800 soon. I don't expect a consumer level DSLR like the A55 to be very smart, but then again I hope that for the semi-pro line D800, Nikon wouldn't have to assume its users will forget a memory card.

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