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Hi Luis

This has been raised as a huge issue for many people. There are several extensive threads on it. I myself just received a D800 last week and after a few hundred shots I'm having this same problem. I've lost track of the other threads so started a new one here


Here's a quick summary.

  • Greenish cast compared to what people think is a neutral or bluish (but closer to neutral and more pleasant) cast on D3, D3s, D700 D7000. This has been documented with side by side photographs of the D800 and other model screens same scene shot at same time displayed on their respective LCDs. The URL for one of those comparisons is within the above thread.

  • The greenish cast is not showing up on the actual computer files when displayed on a computer (or even an iPad). In my view on the computer they look great.

  • Not everyone is seeing the issue. This could be that not all D800s have the problem, or that some people just don't see it as well, and haven't done the comparison. One thread was asking for anyone to produce a comparison that did not have the problem. So far I haven't seen that.

Some have suggested that the issue is careful white balance control, though in my view that does not explain the side by side comparisons or that the LCD is greenish and the computer files are not. Others have said it's only with energy saving light bulbs. My tests and that of others have seen the problem with daylight and flash as well. Today a few people told me that the problem goes away after a few weeks once the LCD screen has burned in some.

  • Nikon's official response on this has been, the D800 is more accurate color on the LCD and it's really that the D3, D3s, D700 D7000. were more off color. - This is not an acceptable answer for those of us who have the problem and have done the side by side comparisons and the LCD vs computer screen comparisons.



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