And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: This is why ...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Lots of people ask for photographs to be posted but few comment on them.

When they receive comments they are usally "nice pic" when they are not liked they are ignored. So it is not a "photo exhibition" site even though you can do this.

I would rather have no comments, I think, than the mindless bobble-head "nice pics!" posts. I prefer to say what it is that I like (or occasionally, don't like) about a photo. When I mentioned that in a post quite some time back, one of the other Ricoh regulars basically replied to me that doing so made a person (ahem, me) a bore.

I began posting 'Nice!" on all his photos after that. Hope he's happy.

In truth when there is no new fantasy product to speculate about and discuss, or no new actual product release it all boils down to a few query/answer sessions, some desultory image posting and an argument or two about other products usually not being made by Ricoh.

That's about the size of it.

Sometimes I drop a clanger in to stir the pot

Boy oh boy, that you do!

but we need a few more outrageous posters to get the juices flowing.

You don't want me going outrageous. I've got my father's chainsaw sense of humor and I have to constantly hold myself back, especially at work. I could lose what friends I have if I let go.

Or Ricoh could simply announce a few new products ...

Now that would be a great thing indeed for the whole place.

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