And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: This is why ...

Joel Stern wrote:

The no comments makes me nuts, makes me feel like my pics must be terrible.

Try to not take it personally. There is no accounting for what gets commented upon. I've seen some absolutely awful images - technically mediocre, reckless composition - get many positive comments and many other good shots get few or none. For that matter when I entered one of the best shots I've ever taken in a dpreview challenge - my new son getting his first bath - people had the b* s to rate it 'poor' which I took personally - this wasn't just a shot of a sunset or a train station, it was my dear son they were cr apping on. And I might add, nobody in their right mind could call it anything like 'poor', but some still did.

I didn't happen to see the photos of your daughter but I am sure I can understand some of what has you frustrated.

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